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No.2 Na-ae Tea Gift Set

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  • South Korea South Korea
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No.2 Na-ae Tea Gift Set


  • Jeju Mandarin Flower Green Tea  : 6.5g(1.3g X 5 tea bags)
  • Jeju Mandarin Flower Black Tea : 7.5g(1.5g X 5 tea bags)
  • Andong Chrysanthemum Black Tea : 7.5g(1.5g X 5 tea bags)
  • Mt.Jiri Cinnamon Black Tea : 10g(2g X 5 tea bags)


  • speed up antioxidant system > restrain gaining weight
  • prevent tooth decay and remove bad breath
  • restrain heavy metal & endocrine disruptor from body absorption and promote excretion
  • promote immunity, antiviral effect


  • Gift set in differentiated, trendy design with vivid color and luxurious logo
  • Use of 100% natural ingredients : Sweetner-free, synthetic congener-free
  • Soft and delicate flavor without bitterness with the use of high-quality young tea leaves
  • Functional tea having rich flavor satisfying various tastes of consumers
  • Delicious tea when it’s cold


  • Quality Management Systems Certification : ISO9001:2008
  • Environmental Management Systems Certification : ISO14001:2004
  • Venture Certification: no. 20130112127
  • Certified as HALAL product in 2014
  • Food safety test by USA FDA passed (on pesticide residues and nutrients) in 2014
  • Receiving Silver Prize at Global Women’s Inventions Show in 2013 and Minister Prize of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Being selected as business to be supported by government (liaison between small and Medium Business Administration and Leading Venture) in 2013
  • Registration of Purumeda trademark : no. 40-0993743
  • Application and registration of patent : no. 10-1122050「Tea leaves having a flavor of citric tree flower and its production」

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